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Hello, my RUT360 has gone from slow just about useless. I took it out and sat on the middle of a big lawn. Still didn't improve.

It used to be that it could produce 50mbps with 15ms response far from good but acceptable. Now it's down to 10-11mbit with 50ms response time. Moving the sim card to an old crappy Samsung phone and the same server produces 200mbps 5ms response time without a problem and is exactly what it's supossed to deliver. You are advertising it should be able of 300mbps but never seen over 50mbps. I bought it for my self to value if it would be useful in work but this is so far from what it supossed to deliver and when you search on it seams that I'm far from alone with the experience.

Yes it's running the latest firmware RUT36X_R_00.07.00, yes I have both antennas connected, I have messed around with trying to use only one band at a time. nothing helps.

Is this 250€ scrap weight or is there a solution?

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I would like to ask if you could share information about your signal strength (overall, SINR, RSPR, RSRQ parameters). Also, you have mentioned the Samsung phone that you used to compare the results to, please specify the model if that is possible.

Modem has gone to the bin. Can't throw away this many hours or use it for a customer on something that just dosen't work as advertaised, stupid me didn't do any research on this forum beforehand I would seen that it can't deliver.

I tested it on a Samsung A8, One Plus 8 and a Huawei P20 pro before i gave up, Tried the band recommended by the company support from the operator. The signal quality was more than okay but don't have the any copy of it and I won't spend any more hours on it.