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I am quite disappointed with Teltonika router RUTX12. I have 2 SIM slots, but I can not configure them that 2 IP's (or MAC) use one SIM and the other computers use the other SIM for internet access. How can this be so hard to do that nobody can help me? There seems to be no manual of how to achieve this. I got few answers but they didn't work.

First was to make it using firewall rules, didn't work at all, all traffic went over SIM1. The other idea was to configure 2 LAN's (but I have only one cable to the router) like 192.168.0.x and 192.168.1.x. This worked but when computers from both LAN's were online packets were dropped, everything just went to a stall. I guess the switch has to be configured in a way to accept two subnetworks, I am no expert.

But I don't need 2 LAN's. I just need to set that 2 IP's access the net over SIM2 and the others over SIM1.

I am now selling RUTX12 because there is no info of how to do that, what I consider a basic functionality of a Dual SIM router.

So disapointed. I will buy 1 new router and configure one for each SIM and set static IP on the 2 IP's I need access over SIM2. But this could be done over Teltonika, I know it.

This is my last cry for help.


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Hello everybody. Simonas was so kind to help me with configuration I was looking for few months.

I owe it to him to post his solution here, if anybody would have similar needs.

My setup is like this: I have ONE LAN in the range of 192.168.1.x. I have 2 SIM cards. I would like internet to be be acesed by SIM2 on my two TV's and for the rest of the network, SIM 1 should be used.

Here is how to configure this:

1. Network -> Interface -> edit MOB2S1A1 -> Advanced settings -> Set IP4table to 10

2. Network -> Routing -> Advanced Static Routes -> Add new instance of Routing table with TableID 10 and make route with interface LAN, Name: second, Target, IPV4-Netmask Leave everything other blank. Add the route.

3. Network -> Routing -> Advanced Static Routes -> Add new routing rule for IPv4 as follows: Priority: 100, incoming interface: any, outgoing interface: none, Source subnet: (the IP you want to be using SIM2), Matched traffic action: Lookup Table, Lookup table: second(10).

4. If you want you can add other IP's with adding more rules the same way (change just the IP) or you can use mask 28 or 29 instead of 32 (decide what range would suite you).

5. Save and reboot the router. It should work as expected.

Thank you again Simonas for logging into my router and helped me achieve that.

PS - You need to have the firmware RUTX_R_00.07.00

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I think that you will find an answer for your question right there:


Unfortunately this is one of the 2 answers that I tried without success. Doesn't work for me :-( Maybe because I have only one network and one network cable in Teltonika. I ca not split to 2 LAN's.

by saying one network cable, you do have in mind that you want to split mobile interfaces between devices using the same LAN port?

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Hello, I can help you to configure. Can you make a remote session to your router?

Send me login details to PM.