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by anonymous

Hi all,

we encountered this very strange error which has not sorted itself out for weeks now.

All three RUTX devices assigned to our company and our RMS are shown as offline. (I have since taken two offline, for real.) They have/had an excellent cellular connection and otherwise work as expected. For simplicity, I will use this RUTX12 (still online and in use!) as an example.

Strangely, RMS is able to tell their signal strength and network:

But it is generally shown as offline and unreachable. The device itself cant establish a connection to the RMS as well.

We do own valid credit and have it assigned to the same company as the devices.

Monitoring is turned on. We have tried turning it off and on again several times now, locally and in RMS.

We had planned to deploy Teltonika on a bigger scale, but not being able to remotely manage them is a big no-no for us.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Thanks for contacting TELTONIKA | Crowd-support forum.

Please provide us with RMS-connection state from device's WebUI.

In order to check RMS-connection state, go to SERVICES > CLOUD SOLUTIONS > RMS.

Make sure all fields are filled in correctly as shown below and then click the ‘connect’ button.

- Connection type: Enabled

- Hostname:

- Port: 15009

More information can be found here.

In case above does not work, next suggestion would be to remove and re-add your device from RMS by using the right MAC address & Serial Number.

In order to remove your device, go to the RMS web page, left sidebar panel, (MANAGEMENT → DEVICES), select the targeted device and move your mouse pointer to the DEVICE menu and click (Unregister device → CONFIRM).

After remove your device from RMS, you can re-add your device easily by following instructions in the link below.

If any further assistance is needed with this case, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

by anonymous
Good day and thank you for answering our questions.

it seems like the default hostname "" is what kept the device from staying connected to the RMS. After replacing it with "", the device did stay connected for some days now.

I wonder why an incorrect hostname is provided by default and if this is a permanent fix. We will definetly monitor the devices behaviour before condsidering deployment.
by anonymous

Good Day!

Our company is using RMS System in RUT240 running firmware RUT2_R_00.07.01 in a remote location. We bought "Credit" to reaching out the routers for monitoring them through VPN.

We have removed and re-add the RUT240 some times.

We constantly lose the connection with the router going OFF-LINE. The 4G connection is stable, since it is possible to navigate using the WIFi also when it is appears Offline to the RMS.

The only way to get back online is to reboot the router, but after a while the problem returns. For us it is not a solution to send SMS to reboot or even sheduling a reboot at a set time.

Is there a way to force the connection on the servers  in order to make the router register more often? (parameters Next Connection is set up to 00:00:00) as screenshoot 

Thank you if you can give me a solution to the problem.


by anonymous


Could you please check the error indication when router would not be able to connect to RMS.

You can either check the error indication by sending a SMS <admin01> rms_status or navigating to Service section > Cloud Solutions > RMS page.

Additionally, you can avoid reboot device by sending SMS <admin01> rms_connect.

This action forces the device to connect to RMS. It's analogous to clicking the 'Connect' button in the Cloud Solutions → RMS page.

Best regards,