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by anonymous


I have been trying to set this up and its not working. 

What I am trying to achive: 

To be able to use VLAN to have WAN connectivity over LAN together with PoE - essentially everything over the LAN port. I have tried the article that describes that solution but it does not work. Loadbalancing does not work in this scenario. 


To be able to use a seperate LAN and WAN cable, but using doubleNAT for WAN and essentially just using the LAN plug for power (no LAN connectivity). This works (also the loadbalancing), but I still have access to the WAN/DoubleNAT infra (for example, I can connect to Router 1 interface from RUT 240 over WAN port. Even the HOTSPOT has access to the doubleNAT router (!) but not to RUT 240. 

[INTERNET]--[Router 1 -]----[RUT 240 -]---[WIFI RUT 240 DHCP enabled] -- [Mobile WAN enabled]

I think the issue is the FW config - but not too sure. Is there a rule or a way for me to have nothing from LAN to access WAN other than public IPs? Maybe a drop rule? 

by anonymous
So, tested this out.

I had to create a drop rule on the FW to drop all traffic from LAN->WAN with desitination That worked. But I still find it wierd that the hotspot feature also could connect to the doubleNAT infra.

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by anonymous
please test and let me know, working?