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by anonymous

Trying to use CLI from GUI and get pop up message saying "To access CLI you need to add certificate acception to your browser!". The CLI box in browser is blank - with no login prompt. Not sure what to do to fix as "acception" is not a word!


1 Answer

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by anonymous


Glad you contacted us! Please execute the following steps:

  • Disable "Redirect to HTTPS" option in the router's WebUI "System > Administration > Access control".
  • Clear your browser's "Cache"
  • Use HTTP:// protocol by entering WebUI, for example,

Let me know if it solved the issue.

Sincerely, Klaidas

by anonymous
This doesn't work when you are on the device via RMS.
by anonymous
I have the same problem, not working via RMS. Any idea?
by anonymous
Hello Kladias,

I consider your advise highly insecure. Suggesting user who is going to use CLI through browser with Root privileges through unencrypted channel (HTTP here) is paving a path to serious security incident. Kindly advise what to perform while maintaining secure access.

Thank you.

by anonymous
You can use your own certificate and key within uhttpd a self-signed one will do. Then you can restrict access to https only.

You'll need to add the CA to your browser's store.
by anonymous
I am having the same issue.
Can you kindly explain which certificate (in case, how to generate it) and how to register it, please?
by anonymous
I'll sent you the scripts along some explanations by PM.
by anonymous
Advising to deactivate SSL so to be able to use CLI, or for any other reason, is completely out of question for anyone who is serious about network security! This needs to be fixed!