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Hi All,

We are having a couple of issues with SMS triggering I/O in the newer versions of firmware.

This behaviour is present on both the RUT955 and RUTX11 models that we have.

 1 – Active Timeout doesn’t seem to work at all anymore. The IO will change state to Closed for example but does not revert to Open at the specified timeout.

2 – SMS Rules used to trigger based on the start of the message. For example: If the trigger was abc, and you sent abc 123 it would still work. This was desirable for our use case as the messages we're using have a set prefix but unique information after that. Edit: This was due to the colon issue.

3 – SMS Text for triggers can no longer contain colons for some reason.

Firmware we're testing with for reference...


Firmware version


Firmware build date

2021-10-19 23:41:22

Modem firmware version


Kernel version


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, and I can provide any further data/logs requested to aid in troubleshooting.

We've tested of Factory Reset devices, and rolling back firmware to Factory Release for the 955 resolves all issues.



Is there another support channel I can raise this through?

RUTX11 RUTX_R_00.07.01

Issue 1 - Active Timeout issue resolved

Issue 2 - Seems fixed.

Issue 3 - Still present, any colon breaks the message

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