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by anonymous


we have a problem with port forwarding of one of the units on the subnet.

We are using a RUT240 with disconnected WAN so that it can be used for the


We can access the Beaglebone1, Camera1 and camera 2 from outside by port


But the Beaglebone 2 cannot be accessed. 

Beaglebone 1 and Beglebone 2 are configured in the exact the same way except

for the IP.  Beglebone 1 has and Beglebone 2 has  Both have static IP.

From Beaglebone 1 and from the RUT the Beaglebone 2 can be acccessed (ssh

connection and checking that the other ports are open with nmap).

My port forwards are these:

For awhile I thought that the reason Beaglebone 1 works while not Beaglebone 2

is because it is on another ethernet port, eth1 instead of eth0, but then also

the cameras are on eth1.

We do not currently have physical access to the units, hence we cannot try for

example switching the ports.

Troubleshoot file is attached.

in hope for some input


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by anonymous

Thanks for a lot of info.
But I need to know more from Troubleshoot file and you confirmed no access to devices, may be you can try RMS access and using which you can take access of rut240 and download ts file.

Additionally what need to be checked ?
You can check if  port 24 is not used in router for something lese and may be you can try using a different port than 24 like 3700 TCP which is a free port.

Also as RMS is having 1 moth free trial so you can try rms connect also which has option to give you ssh, http, rdp, vnc, etc options to get access of end devices.

Adding a device in RMS :

Accessing end device from RMS :

Downloading Troubleshoot using RMS :

I hope these links will help you to use RMS, if you can do it from your public Ip which is there from SIM then you can download it from
system> administration > Troubleshoot
by anonymous
Thanks for quick response.

I have no trouble accessing neither the configuration of router nor each of the machines.

The router web interface over https, Beaglebone 1 over ssh and via beaglebone 1 ssh into both the Baglebone 2 and the router itself.

I see not reason to watch for some other service on port 24 since I have the same trouble with port 3002 and 9002.

I updated the original post with the troubleshoot file.

by anonymous

Sorry to say but Troubleshot file is not available in your comment or query.
Please share it so that I can try helping you.
by anonymous
I actually found the error, and it was not because of the router.

From some reason the second beaglebone had gotten the routing table wrong. Once I  corrected that it worked just fine.

Sorry for asking here when the RUT was not the cause. But I find networking to be quite a bit of black magic, and it is not easy to tell where to search for faults.

Thanks you for taking the time.  I guess the issue can be closed.


PS. not that it matters now, but the troubleshoot file is in the original post.
by anonymous

No problem.
It is good that issue is resolved.

good day ahead.