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by anonymous
Hi team,

We are having random issues with RUT240. After some time functioning it will get disconnected from 4G network and won't get internet connection again. Please see captures attached.

This has happened twice this week. I have enabled reboot on ping option to see if it gets connection back systematically, but that doesn't address the root problem.

I can PM a troubleshooting file if needed.

Thanks in advance for the help!
by anonymous

Reboot on ping does not work, modem does not not reboot. Ping is set to 5 minutes interval and modem is running bootloader 3.2.2

As seen on another topic I have tried deleting the default ping config and creating a new one. Did not help

1 Answer

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by anonymous
Did you enable modem reboot on ping or device reboot on ping?

I've experienced a similar behavior on an RUTX12. Modem reboot didn't do nothing good, device reboot got the unit back online.

Still doesn't solve the root of the problem but temporarily brings the unit back online at least...
by anonymous
I do not have access to this unit anymore, I actually was not waiting long enough to witness the reboot on ping. I was confused with the parameters

internet connection does not need to be 24/7 so a short disconnection is ok, like you said though that definitely does not fix the issue

thank you for your answer! happy holidays
by anonymous
Thank you & happy holidays to you, too!