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by anonymous

Hello friends,

Here is my scenario:

- Teltonika RUTX12

- Streaming over both LTE connections.

- If one LTE connection is weak or drops out, the alternative connection is used so that the stream does not drop out.

What I tried:

Failover configuration

Problem: As soon as there is a change of LTE connections, the connection to the stream drops.

Load balancing:

Problem: The connection of the stream runs over a TCP connection and therefore only over a single LTE connection.

What I found out:

After further research, I found that it would be possible to use multipath TCP, but I am not sure how to implement this in the most useful way.

- The easiest way would be to use a service like, but there is no OpenWRT support here.

- Alternatively, I found this: ( But I am not sure if this is implementable with the RUTX12.

Do you guys have any idea what the solution could be? Thanks a lot.

Best regards

2 Answers

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by anonymous


I suggest you to take a look at Bondix Intelligence as an alternative to, as Bondix Intelligence has full-support for Teltonika devices.

More information about Bondix Intelligence can be found here:

Bondix Intelligence website:

Best answer
by anonymous
Thank you,

do you know the pricing of using this service?
by anonymous
Hi Peter,

Just reach out to us via email to for all details.


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by anonymous
Hi Peter,

I think I have good news for you. Bondix-S.A.NE WAN bonding is available as an add-on for the Teltonika RUTX 12 routers. Here you can find all the details:

Please reach out to us under to request a free trail.

Kind regards