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by anonymous

Hardware                                     RUTX11

Firmware version                         RUTX_R_00.07.01.2

Firmware build date                    2022-01-04 10:10:21

Modem firmware Version           EG06ELAR04A04M4G

Kernel version                              5.4.147

Interface WAN                             internet from modem Vodafone fiber FTTC  (IP public)

Interface MOB1S1A1                  internet SIM Vodafone (IP private)

DDNS                                   (

DDNS UPDATE URL:          

When only interface WAN is active all works fine and the IP updated is that of WAN (Vodafone fiber).

When only interface MOB1S1A1 is active the IP updated is that of SIM1 but this is private so it correctly cannot works. It is strange that in configuration DDNS, as you can see, there is Network: wan, but the IP update is that of MOB1S1A1….

When both interface WAN and MOB1S1A1 are active and work in Load Balancing, there is the PROBLEM!

The IP updated is casual from WAN or MOB1S1A1. When it is from WAN, it is OK but when it is from MOB1S1A1 it is a problem because IP is private and so cannot works.

I think that if Network is setting as wan, the updated IP must be that from wan. Is it a bug or have I not understand something?

many thanks


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by anonymous

Thank you for contacting us.

As i understand you have one wired internet connection with dynamic public IP address and one is mobile that is with private IP .

For dynamic DNS its must to have a dynamic public IP address. Dynamic DNS doesn't works with private IP addresses .

Let's suppose if you have two WAN sources and both have dynamic public IP address you will need to create 2 different Domains for 2 different interfaces. Of course it will require actual testing to make sure if everything works as expected.

In your case you only have dynamic Public IP on only one interface that is wired so, above is not gonna work for you.

For the understanding of Public static IP, private IP and dynamic public IP you can refer to the link :



by anonymous
Thanks for the reply but we didn't understand each other ....

I have 2 interfaces with the internet:

WAN has public IP.

MOB1S1A1 has private IP.

I want DDNS to update my IP on dynu server with WAN IP ONLY.

This does not happen if you use LOAD-BALANCING for the 2 interfaces because the IP on the dynu server will be random, sometimes the IP of the WAN, sometimes the IP of the MOB1S1A1.

This is not good because the MOB1S1A1 IP is private and therefore unusable!

I think that if in the DDNS configuration on RUTX11 the Network is set WAN (highlighted yellow on the picture), only the wan IP must always be sent to the DDNS server. But this does not happen!!!

I hope I have explained myself better.
by anonymous

For this you need to create 2 different zones for WAN , by default all WAN sources all combined. You can separate all WANS and then split the traffic between the WAN source you want to send through .

Further you can follow this query as a manual :