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I have just attempted to upgrade my RUTX09 to the latest firmware and it has failed to restart. After an hour or so I attempted a manual reboot followed by a manual reset neither or which have worked. The only light on the device is the flashing green power light. I am a MAC user and I am struggling to work out where I go from here to try and restore the device to a functional version of the firmware, please can someone help as I am reliant upon this device for WFH?

Many thanks

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Please try reinstalling the software via Bootloader menu. You can find instructions on how to do that here:



Thanks, I did see that but I have a Mac, it appears that there are no instructions for a Mac?

Any other thoughts?
I managed to apply the same guidance by manually setting my Ethernet connection on the MAC (System Preferences, Network, Ethernet) and then manually configuring as follows:

Configure iPv4 (select Manually from drop down)

IP address: I used

Subnet Mask

I was then able to open up the router menu in Chrome and update the firmware from a previously downloaded file.