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by anonymous

PSA: As titled, I've now spent a total of 8 hours across a dozen different calls over the last 2 weeks with Verizon top-level support and engineering, which included full SIM replacement, reset, unregistration, re-registration, full Teltonika factory reset, multiple firmware revisions, multiple slot configurations, 11 different APNs, selecting multiple bands, restricting to IPv4 only, IPv4+IPv6, and everything else we could think of.

TL;DR: Verizon said to return the SIM cards to their store/offices, and they concluded that while the IMEI claims to be compatible with their network, their network/equipment is not compatible with Teltonika routers. At all.

We got as far as getting ping working, but that required direct, supervisor intervention to go into their systems and override a hard-coded "placeholder" Device ID that gets provisioned when you request a data-only SIM card. Nobody in the stores would have access or authorization to do this. You have to escalate to Tier 2, and then get a supervisor from there, to make this change.

Unblocking SMS access is also required, as data-only SIMs are locked to prevent SMS messages from being sent or received. This change too, requires a supervisor override.

Even with all of that, the Verizon SIM card (installed as the only SIM in the device for these tests), takes 10-15 minutes to negotiate with the network and come online, but then... nothing. No SMS, nothing more than ping works, no other traffic seems to be permitted across the network, and a VERY large number of hosts do not return pings (hosts which ping just fine from a laptop on a separate network).

The engineer I just spoke with about 20 minutes ago, said he couldn't even see the 20-30 tests SMS messages I was sending from my AT&T phone to the Verizon SIM in the RUTX11 device itself. So they're not even getting onto the network, to be delivered to the router at all. The whole thing is incompatible with their network.

So if you're struggling to get a Verizon SIM card to work with a Teltonika router in North America, STOP!

It won't work. Send the SIM card back to the store and seek out another data provider. I have personally verified that T-Mobile SIM cards work fine in every way within 5 minutes of being installed, including ping, browsing, SMS and every other feature. I haven't yet tested other providers, but I will today, as I need to find a replacement for the lack of Verizon support for this device.

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by anonymous
Having connection problems with Verizon using some RUT955: Which modem do you have installed ?
by anonymous

Firmware version


Firmware build date

2022-01-04 04:10:21

Modem firmware version


Kernel version


I'm using the latest version available, latest firmware available. I've also rolled back to the previous 3 versions of firmware, with the same results. The T-Mobile SIM card I have works almost instantly, full SMS capability, connects faster and has 6x faster speedtest results, despite Verizon saturating my area with towers.

Verizon Engineering also confirmed that my antennas are aimed directly at the correct Verizon tower, and that tower's lobes are pointed at my house, so no issues with signal or tower access.

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by anonymous

I was testing a lot of RUT devices in Verizon network lately and most of them had no issues connecting to their network and getting the data connection.

By saying that their (or ours) equipment is not compatible, what exact equipment did they talk about? Modems? Their service system? It is really hard to understand what is wrong when operator just simply says "not compatible".

Do other SIM cards from other operator like AT&T work for you? OR have you tried only T-Mobile?