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by anonymous

Im having a bit of an issue with our new 950 routers. I cant seem to get port forwarding to work properly.

The setup:
950 with a sim card. Running fw RUT9_R_00.07.01.2.
Network camera attached through LAN.

Network camera LAN ip is:

I want to port forward all http and https traffic to the camera through the router.

Ive added rules in port forwarding:
IPv4 tcp+udp from any host in wan via any router IP at port 80 -> IP, port 80 in lan
IPv4 tcp+udp from any host in wan via any router IP at port 443 -> IP, port 443 in lan

No other rules are enabled.
Ive tried to change WAN to mobile NAT in Network Interfaces but no avail...

I can connect to the camera through the LAN specified IP and internet itself works, however I cannot connect through my public IP.

Im running the same setup with an older fw RUT9XX_R_00.03.256 where this setup works.

What am I missing?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Hello, you have not allowed access to the specified ports in the Firewall section, Traffic rules section.

Usually you need to create rules from scratch, but since you use standard ports, the rules already exist, you just need to enable them and save the settings.

But this way you will lose the ability to access RUT950. To access the camera, I would use non-standard ports 6080 and 6443 for example.

Best regards.