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My TRB142 doesn't accept any input when configured as a modem in partial control. I'm only getting the +QCSQ status messages every few seconds.

It says that it should support AT commands, but it seems like it doesn't:

  • Partial Control- Enables Modem Control With AT Commands, Mobile Connection Will Be Controlled By RUTOS.

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Please note that after testing the above issue, it seems to be working in the latest FW 7.1.2.

Kindly upgrade your FW to the same.


Hope this resolves the issue.


Clive Simon Victor Pinto


I have the latest FW 00.07.02 and in partial mode, AT commands are only accepted if the line ends with CR+LF characters (not just CR like in full mode and what most other modems accept). Maybe this is also the original poster's problem.

For this reason I can't use partial mode as our embedded device only sends CR as endline.