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by anonymous
We use a custom build of RUT9 00.06.08.xx firmware in which a minor modification of code in modem_core.c  enables us to support a legacy device which outputs AT commands which the factory version of RS232 modem emulation incorrectly treats as errors. Our version also fixes a small errror in serial.c, and sets modified defaults for the modem emulation. This works well.

The 00.07 firmware RS2323 service options are unfortunately different, but it appears that the 'partial' modem mode might offer something roughly similar, though this is a bit confusing to me as the alternative 'full' modem mode apparently interacts directly with the RUT955's internal modem, which is altogether different concept and not what we need to do at all.

Am I correct in thinking that the partial modem mode is similar to the 00.06 modem emulation ? And if so, where is the source code for this functionality, so we can develop a version that will allow us to continue using the RUT955 for our application ?

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by anonymous


The partial mode is made to connect to the routers modem to execute AT commands for the module.

The source code of Teltonika products is confidential intellectual property and thus cannot be shared.



by anonymous

Hi Paulius,

So if I understand you correctly, it appears that the 00.07 series firmware is not capable of operating in the same way as the  00.06 firmware in RS232 'Modem' mode, which emulates analog modem Hayes-type AT commands. Is that right, or have I misunderstood ?

From the feed URLs in the SDK you supply it appears that the vast bulk of the current RUT955 code is based on the open-source OpenWRT project. According to their website

OpenWrt build environment is provided under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2

I'm not clear how this is compatable with the statement that

The source code of Teltonika products is confidential intellectual property and thus cannot be shared.

 Can you clarify, please ?

Many thanks.