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A bit of a newbie here. Moving to a house without fiber connection and I want to take my current Unifi-setup with me. I tried setting up the RUTX09 in bridge mode (entered the USG MAC address in the RUT-configuration as I've read about in multiple sources) but the connection I got out of the Unifi-system was not usable. Sometimes websites would loud, sometimes not. I couldn't do a proper speed test. After hours of troubleshooting I put the RUTX09 in NAT mode and everything worked just fine.

What could I have done wrong in this setup and why is NAT working so well? Now I have a possible double NAT situation on my hand but the kids can watch Netflix all they want, and in the end maybe that is the most important thing?

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Bridge and Passthrough mode are straight forward settings. Just to make sure, are you setting it up with your WAN Unifi MAC address?

Can you do a tracert to any internet IP address and share results?