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I have received a RUT-X11 from a friend who purchased it from OTR Mobile (Tennessee, USA). After using it briefly and not being able to get a good connection she purchased a Solis device from them. They didn't give her a refund for the X11 so she passed it on to me.

I also have a X11 that I purchased through Amazon and have connected through RedPocket Mobile (New York, NY) with a sim card that I believe runs on the AT&T network. I tried mine through OTR Mobile since I had good results from them in the past with a Netgear Nighthawk but that didn't work out so I switched to RedPocket Mobile which worked fine until they upgraded to 5G now I have a great connection to the tower but the internet keeps going in and out (mostly out). I locked on to the 4G-LTE bands but that didn't help so I am now back to auto.

Up at the address where both of these X11's were (US zip code 33513) is a very rural area and I am still working with my sim card provider (RedPocket Mobile) to try other options to get this working again. Any thoughts you might have may be helpful.

I brought my neighbors X11 back to Tampa FL (US zip code 33624) to see if I could get a better signal from here but I can't log into it using username admin and password admin01. How can I set this X11 back to factory defaults so I can log into it as using admin as the user name and admin01 as the password or is there a better way to do this. I need to start this setup from the beginning and wipe any OTR settings from this device.

Thanks for any help you can give.

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To reset router password without being able to access the configuration via CLI (SSH) or WebUI, please follow the instructions provided in our wiki article here: RUTX11 Device Recovery Options

Please note that this will wipe all settings on the router and will restore the device back to default configuration.

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