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by anonymous
I intend to use an rutx10 with a wired wan and both 5ghz and 2.5ghz set to client mode as 2 separate  wifi wan connections. All 3 of these wan sources are to be from the same router [rutx11 in router mode] , without going into detail it has to be like this for the location, offering  security/redundancy for this bridge. The issue ive foreseen from my experience setting up failover on an rutx11, is that the load balancing seems tied into failover and cant be switched off without the unit asssuming the connections are all always live or something to that effect. Why is the firmware like this , another brand has a tripple wan network  switch which , though they advise you to leave load balancing on , it can be switched off for simple failover/failback config. Sometimes simplicity is better , and even better is the option to switch between complex auto operation or simple settings in one product. How can the failover / failback be configured without load balancing at all ? I believe this will involve the "flush connections settings for each interface . Id like to be clear it can be set to totally refrain  from trying to load balance between the wired wan , 5ghz,and 2.4ghz interfaces, as i expect issues based on my experience trying to set up the rutx11 .....[which has 4g as well]. Incidentally that should be able to be set as failover only but it keeps pinging through the sim at a min value of 1 which cant be set to 0, thats not good news if you have a pay as you go sim.I believe this pinging is called"keep alive" by other brands , but can be set to 0 / switched off. Has anyone else successfully configured this triple wan /failover from single router [source] and was this done using teltonika native system or open source software ?

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by anonymous


If I understood correctly, you want to configure a failover feature on a RUTX10 without any load balancing. This should be how it works by default. They are mutually exclusive. Please make sure you are using the latest firmware version (RUTX_R_00.07.01.4), which you can download on the following wikipage:

RUTX10 Firmware Downloads - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

The failover configuration can be achieved going to option Network > Failover and choosing "Failover" on the dropdown located on the top-right corner of the page. Then, enable and configure the 3 interfaces (1 wired and 2 wireless) according to their priority. You can check the configuration options on the following wikipage:

RUTX10 Failover - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

About the ping, this is the only method to check if the interface has internet connectivity. If you want to lower the traffic, you can set a higher interval number, so it pings less often. Or you can set another interface as the main one.

by anonymous
Thanks for answering .ILL check which firmware i ran the final test on the rutx11 on . i do however believe its the same as rutx 10 minus the 4g interface. i dont have the rutx10 yet but anticipate it will have the same issueesp the pinging which i guess if all interfaces grouped under same zone may be part of the issue just as load balance would cause clashes if wired wan and wifi wan 2.4 ,5ghz all from same source [rutx11] . I may have to hunt dont wrt opensource software or custom hardware to do whats required , this would involve lots of cat7 outdoor cable for wired wan , a 2.4ghz bridge kit, a 5.8ghz bridge kit and a true failover only selectable network switch . the switch i have in mind allows load balancing to be switched off totally