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by anonymous

On 2022-03-23 I have a teltonika router model RUT950 that went offline for over 3 hours and then came back online by itself. I have been looking through the logs of the router and have not been able to find anything that might lead towards providing a root cause as to why this router failed. I will provide all the information about the device as well as the time range of when this router was offline and I would like to know if there any more information that could be provided as to what might have occured in this situation.

2022-03-23 From 12:17:44 UTC to 15:58:44 UTC it was offline 

2 Answers

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by anonymous

Hello and thank you for contacting us, this is Martín, Tech Support Engineer for Teltonika Networks.

I will need more information in order to help you solve this issue.
Can you please provide both Backup and Troubleshoot files of the device in order for us to take a deeper look on what happened?
Here are instructions on how to download the Backup and Troubleshoot files. Please attach them to the original question.

I remain attentive to any further comments.
Best regards.

by anonymous
Files have been attached. Thank you
by anonymous
Hello, I have reviewed the provided files, and in the logs of the Troubleshoot file I also cannot find any relevant information that could lead to understand what happened in the timeframe you specified.

Before proceeding with a deeper investigation, can you please confirm the following?

- Are you using the original power adapter provided with the device?
- Is the device connected to mains power or a battery supply? Could an undervoltage have happened which affected the device?
- Is there any noticeable damage in the cabling that goes in an out of the device?

Best regards.
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by anonymous

Using old firmware? RUT9XX_R_00.06.08.6 ?   This has been stabile for me for over a year.. I did experience some SIM card connecting to operator problems after I upgraded..

Which fw is installed ?

Can you try to switch and use the other simcard 2 ?