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by anonymous

I have a RUT950

  I'm trying to get to port 3389 RDP. no Access

I have a RUT950

  I'm trying to redirect port 3389 RDP No success.

I add a port forworting and also a rule for the port. attached

I'm trying to get from the internet the external address of the router in SIM 1. No success

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by anonymous


Just to understand the case correctly, you want to access your LAN device remotely from the internet by using port-forwarding with RDP port as an internal port, is that right? If yes, please check the following:

  • Check if the SIM has public IP (SIM IP should be pingable from the internet).
  • Check if RDP is open and working locally (LAN) on the required device before testing it from the internet.
  • Check if Firewall is off on the required device.

Also, could you please share the port-forwarding configuration on RUT950 with me?


by anonymous


the case is correct.

i have poblic ip of the sim card but is not pingable from the internet.

I set up a specific APN for my company.

There are a number of restrictions when someone connects to this network. For example, it is not possible to access the Internet. Only to specific company sites.

- I tried to do an RDP from another computer on the RTU950 network to the computer I was trying to access from the Internet and I was able to.

- the Firewall is off.

by anonymous

Kindly note that WAN IP should be pingable and reachable from the internet.

your configuration is correct (no need for a traffic rule, port-forwarding is enough), just make sure that WAN IP is pingable.

can you share with me your public IP to check if RDP port is open or not?