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by anonymous

I have a RUTX11 with both IPv4 (CGNAT) and IPv6 (public, but not fixed) on wwan0 / mob1s1a1 I am trying to update the AAAA record on Is there a known to work configuration / set of parameters for the dyndns service to do that ,

by anonymous
Is there any better way as of the latest firmware to do DDNS updates for IPv6? Having a hard time with CGNAT and I want to use IPv6 but the built in DDNS client seems to completely braindead about IPv6....  trying with
by anonymous
It works for me, at least with
by anonymous
Does not work for - fwiw.

2 Answers

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by anonymous

Hi Flebourse,

I succeeded in reproducing your query scenario; please try the steps below to know if this works for you as well:

1. On the NO-IP webpage, create your hostname, select AAAA record,  IPv4 address: "" and IPv6 address: "::" 

2. Disable any VPN you may have activated on your laptop, and check if your current DNS address resolves your DNS lookup.  You should see an output like this:

If you don’t get any output on your laptop, replace your current DNS addresses provided by your ISP with the google ipv4 and ipv6 DNS addresses accordingly.

3. Copy and paste this script on your router:

Suggested PATH: /root/scripts/


. /lib/functions/


network_find_wan6 NET_IF6

network_get_ipaddr6 NET_ADDR6 "${NET_IF6}"

echo "${NET_ADDR6}"

Don’t forget to give the script execution privileges:

chmod +x /root/scripts/

4. Enable the DDNS service on your router according to the link below: 


In the event network field, select the interface with the ipv6 address enabled. And fill the other fields in line with your information.

5. By doing a DNS lookup, check if the ipv6 address record was updated. Also, check your dashboard. You should get something like the images in the following url:


6. Enter your domain name in your browser. (Remember to allow external connection to your router and to have a valid IPv6 address on your laptop to check this feature)

Refer to the link below to test your ipv6 connectivity on your laptop:


If you have a VPN service enabled on your laptop, you may not reach your router WebUI by just typing the domain name on your web browser; instead, you should enter the full ipv6 address between brackets e.g.: https://[2001:AAAA:BBBB:CCCC::0001].

For more information about the DDNS service package installed on your router, refer to:

I really hope this helps to solve your query. 

Best answer
by anonymous
The ddns update fails. I'll send you the result by PM.
by anonymous
Turns out that "Lookup Hostname" and "Domain" must have the same value, at least in the case.

Thank you.
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by anonymous

Can you try following below steps on RUTX11.
The guide is from old webUI not from latest
try doing it and let us know if it works or not.
by anonymous
No, this guide is for IPv4, and the the issue is with AAAA/IPv6 records. Installing CGNAT A records in the dyndns may or may not be possible but have no purpose.