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by anonymous

Good Afternoon,

Hope everyone is having a great day. I am running into a major dilema. Hopefully, someone can assist me on this.

 I currently have a RUTX11 router. I am using a SIM card.  It's a very basic setup.

My lan network is on  - The camera is plugged directly here and is grabbing an IP of

My RMS VPN Network is on -  Even though I get an IP of scheme.

I have a camera connected to this router and I want to access via the VPN.  I am not able to ping it or ping the Default gateway of the router of 

I am able to access the RUTX11 router via the RMS VPN. The RUTX router grabs an Ip of I can access via my laptop.

Here is the RUTX via the RMS VPN.

Here is me accessing the RUTX via OpenVPN. The OpenVPN shows up route as well for the camera I want to access.

Here is more pics.

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by anonymous


You can try to delete all the RMS VPN Hub configurations in the RMS and reconfigure them. Maybe try to Restart the RMS VPN and see if the issue is still there. Make sure that you follow all the steps as described in the video link below:

Try to check the LAN network of the router, if it accessible locally through router or not.