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Yes, the PUCK-5 can be used with this router, no problem.

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Poynting Europe
I can't get the PUCK-5 to give any GPS location information. There is another question on here that suggests the PUCK doesn't work with the latest firmware (which I have). So, I'll monitor that.

I've downgraded the firmware from 00.06.02 to but I still don't have any GPS data (zero satellites). This is a new RUT-955 and PUCK-5 and I've never had a working GPS (although I have another system that is picking up 9 satellites). I'm using the GSM and GPS on the PUCK-5 with two separate WiFi antenna but I'm assuming that the sections of the PUCK-5 are not interconnected in any way.

I've bought a Teltonika Combo and that worked first time. Map works but it won't let me set a GeoFence for my current position but that's another question on here!

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Requirements for GPS antenna:

Frequency:             1561 - 1615 MHz

Polarisation:           RHCD or linear

Antenna V.S.W.R     <1.5

LNA V.S.W.R             <2

LNA noise figure     <2dB

Power:                     2.7 - 3.6V or wider range

Supply current:      <15mA

Cable:                      RG174 or better

Connector:             SMA Male

If your antenna has similar parameters, then you could try to use it.
I never did get the PUCK-5 to work but the Teltonika Combo does.