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I was brought a RUT950 router from the USA. This router was installed in a Glomex yacht solution. It has a 4G Huawei module with bands that are not supported in Europe. I changed the module to Quectel EP06.

The modem was not detected by the system(. The firmware was branded from Glomex. I installed the official firmware from Teltonik through the emergency bootloader (U-boot). The modem is not defined either.

What tell me? How can I make friends with your router with a new model?
Where can I find teltonika support Mini PCIe 4G modules?

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Quectel EP06 is not used in any of the Teltonika devices, so it is highly likely, that the device does not have the necessary software required for module support.

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The router has OpenWRT operating system installed. I don't think this is a problem for this OS. Need help from developers. For them, this is not a problem.

Are there experts on the forum? Where can I see which modules are supported at the software and hardware levels by this router?