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by anonymous
I'm trying to implement sending SMS from Diafaan SMS Server via TRB140 with TRB1_R_00.07.02.1. Sending SMS via SMPP works but I couldn't figure out how hold active TCP connection, keepAlive doesn't work.

Is there wiki page with information about implemented features at provided SMPP package?

Based on answer and looking to binary file of package I saw that send is only supported. But no any information if it's support long term active TCP connection. Diafaan use open connection to send SMS when needed and also for monitor server availability and after closing it's trying reestablish connection again. Unfortunately during reestablishing mark device as broken gateway.

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by anonymous

The current connection duration is hardcoded into the implementation in the SMPP functionality and cannot be modified.

The package is written by Teltonika development team, thus no documentation is available.

Teltonika device acts as an SMS gateway and its functionality is limited to simply sending SMS messages, as discussed in your referenced thread.

Additional options to set connection keepalive time should be included in the 7.3 firmware, however, no date is set for the release yet.

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