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by anonymous

I got wireguard up and running i am using a rutx9 as server and my clients are windows.

Everything works fine but i have on issue i would like to get rid of.

my rut has 2x WAN one trough mobile and one is a fixed line on the wan port.

now the teltonika picks up the fixed line as a public ip instead of the mobile.

the work around for now is giving mobile a higher metric then my fixed line but i do now want that cause now everything goes trough the mobile connection.

Is this something needed to be fixed trough routing or anything else.(fixed line is a dynamic ip)

What info do you need from me to look into this.



2 Answers

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by anonymous
Hello, this is Martín, Tech Support Engineer from Teltonika Networks.

Can you please provide us with a detailed network topology diagram to have an idea of the solution you are implementing?

Best regards.
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by anonymous
Might be a problem of mwan(3?) configuration, for auto failover in case of lost internet connection. Dunno the Teltonika stuff, only official openwrt, but usually the fixed connection is preferred connection, and cell is backup. So verify the order (implicit priority) of internet connection in the settings for failover. May be, you simply have to change it.
by anonymous

Yes this is the problem.

if i give my cell a higher metric its gone i can connect no problems.

but the thing is if set the cell on the first metric all my traffic outside the vpn is also using this connection so its uses more bandwith and i do not want that.
by anonymous
Then you need special routing for wg. Unfortunately, this is not so easy to set up in combo with mwan(3), even on RUT955, based on "official" openwrt. However, I suspect, still lot easier to implement there, compared  to mess around with all the (redundant ?) overhead when running Teltonikas stuff. RUT955 runs official openwrt; I used it for large fleet of data concentrators in IoT.