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Is there any way of setting a VLAN directly on the LAN port of my TRB140?

Or, should I be doing it at the L2 switch's port?

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Thank you for the question.

In order to setup VLAN on your TRB140, follow these steps:

  1.     Login to WebUI and navigate to Network -> VLAN.
  2.     Create 2 new instances:
    •         Device name: LANeth, TAG: 1, Interface: eth0
    •         Device name: LANusb, TAG: 2, Interface: rndis0
  3.     Navigate to Network -> Interfaces and create new instance:
    •         Name: VLAN, Protocol: Static, set an IP of a different subnet (for example
    •         Enable DHCP server
    •         Click on PHYSICAL SETTINGS and enable Bridge interfaces, set interface eth0, LANeth
    •         Save & Apply
  4.     Next edit LAN interface, PHYSICAL SETTINGS, make sure Bridge is enabled and Interface is set to rndis0, LANusb
  5.     Save & Apply

Best regards.