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by anonymous

I have to configure a Teltonika RUT950 switch for operation, however when I power-up the device the connection status LED and all signal strength LEDs are active and stable (not blinking) (img1). When I try to connect a ethernet cable there is no port in which the status LED is active. Also at some point the connection status and signal strength LEDs turned off and remained like that (img2). I do not know the conditions in which the LEDs turned off, it seems to be random. Also after i power it off and leave it for a while (a day or two) on power-on the LEDs are again activated and stable (img1). I have been unable to connect to it no matter what i do.

Is there anything I can do with it or is it bricked?

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by anonymous


You can try to access the bootloader menu by following the instructions provided here, however, it seems like you have a hardware issue and the device should be returned or replaced.

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by anonymous
Already tried that, didn't work, brick it is, thank you