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by anonymous


i try to get connection to internet for LAN/WLAN over my LTE sim-card (Congstar/Telekom) - seems it is connected correctly. Internal ping to is working but on my laptop connected over LAN to the router name adress is resolved but cannot be connected (or getting back a ping from server).

I would be glad to get some support from you - don´t hesitate to contact me if there are any questions...

Many thanx in advance

BG Michael

1 Answer

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by anonymous


I would like you to try the following:

Access the router via SSH or CLI (in the WebUI navigate to System -> CLI), use root as user name and router's WebUI password to login.

Next execute the following command:

  • cat /etc/config/mwan3

Check if under config condition section for mob1s1a1 interface you have lines like these:

  • option track_ip ''
  • option track_ip ''

If you find these, you will need to edit the config file by first entering this command:

  • vim /etc/config/mwan3

Then press letter i to start editing and change previously mentioned lines to:

  • list track_ip ''
  • list track_ip ''

Once done, press Esc button, then enter :wq and press Enter.

You can read more about the issue here:

See if that helps.

Best regards,


by anonymous
Hi, thanks for the fast answer - unfortunately your bugfix is not working (list track_ip....was previsously correct in configuration file) you need more informations about the router ?

Seems the router itself has contact to the internet over the LTE connection - i was able to connect it inside in your RMS system and can be viewed...
by anonymous
Seems the problem was solved - i don´t know why but after a complete reset of the router (factory reset) it works...thanks for your support anyway :-)