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by anonymous
Hi guys,

maybe someone can help with my problem. The idea is to have a central VPN Server to which multiple Routers and Clients can connect to. From there the clients can reach all the networks which the Routers provide locally.

I got the VPN Server Setup and I am able to connect my RUT955 with L2TP over IPsec. I'm also able to connect to the RUT955 WEBUI with a client which is also connected to the VPN.
But I cannot reach anything "behind" the RUT.

I found this questions:
There it is advised to make a static route. Is this what I need to do? If yes, then how? Or do I need to do something completely different?

Hope someone has an idea.



1 Answer

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by anonymous


As you said you should add a static route to your VPN server. It should be to reach a specific device or the devices connected to the LAN of the RUT955. In general, you should add the LAN address you want to reach for example via XX.XX.XX.XX.XX where this would be the IP address of the tunnel of your RUT955. This way you will be able to reach the devices on the other side of the RUT955. 

Another option you can configure on your RUT955 is port forwarding. This way you can reach the RUT955 with a specific port and it will forward the information to the desired device. Here is a link with more information about this configuration.

by anonymous
Hi, thanks for your answer.

I will have a look at how to do this with Softether. I found a static route option but it is not working for me (hopefully yet).

I don't think port forwarding will be the thing for us, because the devices behind that router are "undefined".