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Is there anyway that the firmware updates can be done automatically?

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Unfortunately, your desired feature is not available.

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Can be done, using custom scripts. I.e. to periodically check for new firmware, and to do a firmware upgrade OTA.
@augustus_meyer I would be delighted to see some examples of this!
Can u share your solution with us? Without ists useless.
I wrote already, I am doing this on a commercial basis. So, it is a bit far fetched, to ask for a free-of-charge software enhancement for a device, you payed for. However, I gave some initial directions already, for an interested developer to do it himself, in case of commercial needs or just as an "intellectual challenge".
Well, one of the benefits of a peer-to-peer forum is to be able to learn from each other. I posted this earlier on another thread:

If you're feeling charitable @augustus_meyer I'd love to know what your solution looks like. Maybe we can both pick up a trick or 2 from each other.
I am "cheritable", but only to a certain limit.

i.e. here

Customised firmware _MUST_ be better than the default stuff. Thus, it needs special knowledge and experience, to do it. However, to share it quite often is a two-sided sword. Because of freelance competitors, OR because of commercial users, not willing to spend some bucks at all.

As a real world example, I did lot of custom firmware for commercial hotspots, incl. Captive Portals, managed by "coova(-chilli)". Which is almost black magic to be configured correctly on LINUX, not to speak about openwrt. The projects I got were all from well known free lancer sites. Howver, a few times my bid was rejected, because too high. But several days later, I noticed very detailed questions regarding integration of coova into openwrt, and other project specific functionalities, on another forum.

Regarding our actual topic here in question, I do not consider it fair play, buying an off-the-shelf device for small money, and then asking for additional, special feature to be provided free-of-charge.

As a Teltonika customer, you either are an individual, asking for a reasonable priced device, you can live with, as provided, because for private use. I.e. for your mobile home.

Or you are a commercial client, needing a special feature, like the one we are talking about, for remote installs of a fleet of routers, i.e. in the area of IoT. But then you should be willing to pay a price for it.