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by anonymous
Hi everyone, I have a problem with a rut955 modem.  In practice, as the modem temperature increases, the 4g connection speed decreases considerably, even disconnecting for a couple of hours and then resuming working as soon as it cools.  I state that the displayed temperature is constantly above 70 degrees (up to 80-82 degrees) and that the modem is installed in an electrical panel inside a machine exposed to the external environment.  

Could this problem really be temperature-related?  

Thanks to who will answer me.


1 Answer

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by anonymous

To answer briefly, yes, the problem could be due to temperature.

The router is rated to work within temperature ranges between -40 - 75 °C. However, operating the device as the temperature approaches it's limit for an extended period of time will certainly result in reduced performance. If the device operates in high temperature environment, it creates a kind of loop, where device temperature increases, which leads to increased power consumption by the device, which again increases the device temperature and heat in your electrical panel.

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