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RUT240 running firmware 7.02.4. This also occurred on firmware 7.02.2. When sending the SMS command 'cellular apn=internet', the command is not executed. The SMS is not visible in 'read messages' (as it would be if it was incorrect), but the command is not being executed. I can set the APN in the GUI fine, but cant set it via SMS. Other SMS such as 'status' are working.

I tried this possible solution, but it didnt make any difference:

Please follow these steps in order to solve this issue:
1) Enable auto APN and save the configuration;
2) Wait until device receives some IP address;
3) Disable Auto APN, add custom APN and save configuration.

I also tried setting it via UCI, but the luci-reload command fails (and is seen in the 'read messages' section:

uci set simcard.sim1.apn='yourapn'

uci commit


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You syntax is wrong. I would recommend using cellular SMS command:

admin01 celullar apn=youapn
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My syntax is correct for the cellular command that I mentioned trying in the post, but your spelling of cellular is wrong. As I said, the cellular SMS command that I tried is not working; it does nothing on the RUT240 that I upgraded to 7.02.4, or on 7.02.2. I have not tried it on a defaulted router; I just dumped 7.02.4 and reverted to 1.14.5 which is reliable.

As for the UCI command; thats a cut and paste from the solution posted by a Teltonika mod, so if its wrong, he's got it wrong. I'm not so familiar with using UCI, and generally just SMS. All I know is his solution didnt work.

Any thoughts mods?

Has anyone else noticed this, or tried it?