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Good morning, I have a strange problem with a rut955 modem .. sometimes during the day I like small crashes. The temperature shows n/a and the gsm network does not respond. After a couple of reboot attempts, the modem resets properly.

I don't think the problem even depends on the software version, as I have 10 modems in my possession with the same software version (R_00.06.07) and only three have this problem.  

In your opinion what could it depend on and how could I do to solve it?

thank you.


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Where is the device located from the picture sent, it seems that it shuts down due to overheating?

Does the device actually overheat?
Hi and thanks for answering me.  I have been experiencing the problem for about 20 days on 3 modems installed in different locations.  today, I connected the modem to the pc to see what was really happening.  i had different problems.  the problem common to all three is that the modem was really stuck , so much so that to log into the webui I had to force a restart by disconnecting the power supply.  once the first modem was started, the mobile connection was restarted, while the "sim not inserted" error was present on the other 2 modems (even if it was correctly inserted) and even doing more than one reboot, it did not connect to the internet. To solve, I had to extract the sim and reinsert it.  I can confirm that the modem case is very hot, and the internal temperature  sensor shows 65/70 degrees

thanks again for the help