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I am trying to compile firmware 7.2.4 using the SDK. https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/gpl/RUT9_R_GPL_00.07.02.4.tar.gz

The stock sdk compiles fine, installs, and I can work in the web ui.

But if I turn on coova ("make menuconfig") in the network>captive portal >coova-chilli, I cannot even login with the web GUI. I can login with SSH to flash the stock image again.

If I use the stock image and use the webgui package manager to install hotspot 1.0, it fails to install.

If i download the hotspot package zip file from your downloads page, and upload it to the stock image, it passes verification and starts the install but then locks up the GUI. A refresh is needed to continue working. It appears in the webgui package list. No idea if it is working correctly.

If i SSH into the stock image, run opkg update; opkg install coova-chilli; it fails with: Checksum or size mismatch for package vuci-app-coovachilli.

How do I get coova to compile and work using the SDK?

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Could you try to replace M to * in a highlighted Enable Wi-Fi Hotspot support option in a picture below

And recompile the firmware?

Best regards,

fails with ERROR: package/network/services/net-snmp failed to build.
looks like a fresh 18.04 os install in a vm solves this. it compiles. but i havent tested it yet. Will post update if it fails

Still not working. It hangs the webGUI. Are the console errors in the browser a clue to whats wrong?

Ok i managed to get it working. I have to compile the stock version as is on 1 core. then once its done, i can go into menuconfig and add coova and mqtt.