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by anonymous
We are very new to setting up VPN's and wondered if someone could identify where we are going wrong:

We have 2 Teltonika RTU240 devices, 1 is an OpenVNC TAP Client, we are using TLS for authentication - SIM Card is currently not available so internet access is wireless via my mobile hotspot.

The 2nd device is the server located in another office using the same configuration settings.  It has a Public IP.  It is also not using a SIM card but connected to the office wifi.

From the client router I can ping the servers public IP address but nothing else on that network.

Does the Public IP address have to be from the SIM Card?

The firmware version on both routers is

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by anonymous


If the server is connected to a wireless access point as a client, it means that router's WAN interface is not assigned with a public IP, but some IP from DHCP pool from another router, which provides internet access, unless it is some bridged connection. There might be your issue. Could you connect to the server router via SSH and share the output of ifconfig command?

Best regards,

by anonymous

Thanks for that. I have attached the ifconfig file to the question.

For info, I obtained the public IP using the command: curl
by anonymous
The address you have obtained is from the gateway router. None of the interfaces from the router you have provided is assigned with a public IP.