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by anonymous

We have a RUTX 12 on a boat that we use to give us 4g WiFi etc.

Many devices can log onto this and use the internet or we can see things like Victron equipment if they are logged onto the same wifi, we also do this with our Raymarine MFD

My question is could we feed NMEA data into the RUTX12 using the data input/output on the power cable and then be able to see that data on the wifi network ?


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by anonymous

The Input/Output pins on RUTX12 serve for control purposes and are used to trigger other events. They respond to voltage levels, not data, thus, unfortunately, you will not be able to supply NMEA sentences to be then forwarded to the network.

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by anonymous
Under services, GPS there is a NMEA section. What is the purpose of this and where would RUTX12 get that information to feed it somewhere ?

what I would like to achieve is that we get our NMEA data onto the WiFi provided be RUTX12 so devices can simply log onto one WiFi.
by anonymous

RUTX12 has a GPS antenna connector at the back panel, which is used to establish connectivity with GPS satellites. Next, you need to enable the GPS service to be able to use it and select satellite systems to receive data from.

NMEA section allows you to configure the details of the server or platform, to which NMEA data will be forwarded and specify, which data and how often will be collected and transmitted. RUTX12 supported platforms are provided here

by anonymous
I know about GPS we use this.

I think your missing what I’m asking.

You say “NEMA data will be forwarded” I understand this but where will RUTX12 get the NMEA data to forward ?

We have a Raymarine system on our boat that basically has NMEA 2000 on the SeatalkNg and we have NMEA0183 on the older Satalking network. What I would like to do is put this data onto the RUTX12 WiFi network so it is available to any device that connects via WiFi to the RUTX12

by anonymous
The modem module within the router has an integrated multi - constellation GNSS receiver, which generates NMEA sentences.

The data is not simply broadcasted, so the idea would be to transmit the data to some local HTTP/HTTPS server, accessible by other devices within LAN.