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by anonymous

Hi Forum! 
I have two VLANs configured (standard 192.168.1.x and custom 10.80.8.x). I can connect PCs inside the different networks with the RUT955 without problem. But I can not reach the computer in the other network from the computer in the current network. 

Any tips how to solve this?

Background information:

  • Ping to the router is successfull from both networks. I can ping the network address of the router in network 192.168.1.x from the computer inside 10.80.8.x 
  • Both Interfaces have bridge enabled
  • No special firewall rules are active, everything unchanged and per default

Thanks in advance!  

1 Answer

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by anonymous


In WebUI -> Network -> Firewall -> General settings -> Zone create new zone e.g. LAN2. Then edit LAN/LAN2 zones to allow forwarding between LAN and LAN2 zones: 

In Network -> Interfaces -> Interface( -> edit -> Firewall settings assign LAN2 zone to this interface. 

This config should be enough to achieve VLAN to VLAN forwarding, keep in mind that PC's in different VLANs must have default gateways configured or have static routes to other VLANs.

If you'll still experience any issues, could you generate troubleshoot file from WebUI -> System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot 

Best regards,


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by anonymous
Hi Martynas!

Thanks for the reply and explanation, you are a big help!