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by anonymous
Good day,

I just received a RUTX10 since the webshop stated it support 4G (by external dongel)

However i can't find any way in the gui to make it work.

Can someone confirm that this is possible? And where I need to start.

The routers with 4G build in are way above my budget.
by anonymous
Is there anybody who can confirm if this is possible?

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Teltonika devices are limited to external modems they support, officially, you should combine them with TRM series devices.

After you attach the modem, you should be able see additional section Network -> Mobile appear. You should also be able to create a new interface in Network -> Interfaces tab, and select Mobile protocol.

Otherwise, the dongle you have is unlikely to work with the router.

Best regards, 

by anonymous
so if i am correct the device does only support your own usb modems...

i will let the webshop know that theire information isn't clear enough and send the device back.