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by anonymous

today I saw the presentation of the new 5G TRB and RUTX - very nice and powerful.

My question: at the moment we often use RUT360 as a failover router for our customers where we install Ubiquiti Unifi Dream Machine Routers. The RUT360 is on WAN2 port an deliveres internet in case of failover. Everything is fine :-)

Now I'm interested in 5G and the RUTX500 would be to big - but perhaps the TRB500 would be working but I don't understand the difference between the RUT und the TRB.

Is it possible to put the TRB500 to WAN2 of my existing Routers and can access the internet (also with dhcp??)

Regards, Dirk

1 Answer

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by anonymous

In short, you will be able to use RUT500 as a failover WAN source.

The difference in comparison to RUTX50 is that the latter adds more ethernet ports, dual band WiFI, GPS capabilities and USB port and has a more powerful processor, however, in your case, it seems more like an overhead and TRB500 should suffice.

Best regards,