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by anonymous
I am having an issue getting my RUTX11 connected to a mobile data connection. I have the SIM inserted into port 1 and it is recognized by the RUT. I put in a custom APN and the Mobile Information page recognizes everything about the SIM, yet the Data Connection State still says Disconnected. This SIM works and functions correctly in a Netgear device that I have has, so I'm positive that the service is working. I have the RUT updated to the latest firmware (v00.07.02.6). My end is goal is to have the mobile connection work as a failover for the WAN connection. I attached the troubleshooting file as well.


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by anonymous


Please verify the custom APN on your device. According to the troubleshoot file, the current APN that is set on the router is "ne0.vzwstatic". However, as far as I remember, Verizon custom APNs begin with **1.vzwstatic prefix (starts with region letters, followed 1 and lastly .vzwstatic). The mobile connection log does confirm this - router successfully registered on Verizon network, but fails to establish data connectivity due to invalid APN.

In this case, the correct APN should be "ne01.vzwstatic".

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by anonymous
Thanks Tomas, I knew it must have been something small. Its odd however that Verizon themselves gave it to me as ne0.vzwstatic and that was actually working in the Netgear haha. Thanks again!