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by anonymous

I have an RUTX11 and it's connected to RMS just fine. I can see the charts on the website with temperature and so on.
But when I go in the mobile App I don't have access to the charts data.

On iOS I have the charts tab but the charts are all empty and selecting any date range doesn't do anything.
I got the App also installed on an S22 (Android) and there I don't even have the charts tab. Just Information, Location and Port Scan.

Where can I enable the charts to display in the App? I don't want to log into the RMS website everytime to view my graphs.


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by anonymous


Thank you for contacting Teltonika Networks crowd support.

Apologies for late reply.

Clarify what exactly is not working. Also check the monitoring interval.

Kind regards,



by anonymous
In the iOS App I have the "Charts" tab to view temperature, data usage and so on but there is no data to be shown.

On the Android App I don't even have the charts tab just "Information", "Location" and "Port Scan".

On the webinterface (if I log into RMS using a browser) the charts are visable, have data and are updating fine (updates every 5 Min.)

Any idea why the charts are not working on the app (Andoird/iOS) but are working just fine in the browser?