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by anonymous
Hi, im not an IT specialist. Please help me in doing the following.

I would like to have a communication between android app on phone connected to rut955 via wifi and an Navigation display with internal dhcp serber connected as client to wifi.

I defined an AP wifi with name Router on rut955 with connection to interface LAN

I added a wifi client and searched network to connect to the navigation displays wifi called Raynet

I added an interface copy paste like WAN and called it RAYNET

I chosed ad interface RAYNET for the added wifi client

I added a firewall rule LAN to RAYNET accepting all

I added a portforwarding of (address that rut955 gets from display dhcp) to (ip of phone with raymarine app running)

Unfortunetely connection does not work . What is wrong? Thanks for help!!

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by anonymous


A picture with a topology diagram of your setup would be helpful. However, if I understand correctly, it is something as the following:

Navigation display -> RUT955 (client to navigation display and access point to phone) -> Phone.

If that is the case, I would like you to try the configuration in the following link:

This set up relays DHCP from your navigation display to your phone and does not require port forwarding, simplifying the configuration. You would only need to download Relay configuration package from package manager in Services section. 

Best regards,

by anonymous
Thank you so much for a response. I already thought about that solution but and the big but is: What happens if the Display is switched off (most of the time when nobody is on board)? Then there is no dhcp server anymore. On AP there are other components linked to the router for access to the internet besides the phone...

Can you please comment on that before I try?

Thanks in advance!
by anonymous

Does your navigation display have possibility to add static routes?

A topology diagram would be appreciated, but I assume that you set up is similar to the one in this thread, but instead of RUT955 you have you display. Would a solution there be possible to implement in your case?

by anonymous
Hi, the problem is, that the display has an internal dhcp. And unfortunately there is no way to change ANY of the parameters of that server.

When searching for networks at menu RUT955 Network:Wireless I will find the Display WIFI. So I can set the connection as WIFI client to that "Display" and RUT955 gets the IP adress The gateway behind is

Its not clear to me at the moment, what Interface I should link to that. Therefore I created an Interface ahead, acalled Raynet with protokoll DHCP, physical settings "no interface" and firewall setting "RAYNET"

There is an mobile app for android to control that display in remote.

But of course my phone is connected to WIFI Access Point with its own dhcp to 150 and Gateway

If I use relay dhcp from Display as server, then in case the display is switched off there is no dhcp server active. So to my understanding a no go.

How can I get a fully transparent mirror of the from "Display" conected via Wifi Client in firewall zone RAYNET to an Ip adress (for example in Wifi access point in firewall zone LAN?
by anonymous

If I understand correctly, all you need is to connect with RUT955 to Display's WiFi as a client station and then connect your smartphone to the RUT955 access point. I have tried this setup with a smartphone, RUT955 and RUT240 acting as display with DHCP server using the following configuration:

Smartphone (IP from RUT955 LAN DHCP) -> WiFi (RUT955 AP) -> RUT955 (LAN IP, WiFi WAN IP (RUT240 DHCP)) -> WiFI -> RUT240 (LAN IP 

With this configuration, on connection to a wireless access point of the display, RUT955 has a route created to access any network outside of RUT955 LAN through the Display as a gateway, meaning that you should be able to reach your Display from the smartphone without any port forwarding. In my setup, a smartphone with IP address can access the WebUI of RUT240 on

by anonymous
Thanks for the reply,

I tried now many Firewall settings and I start now to understand what the settings are standing for. A little detail more: there is a VPN from RMS used in between to comminicate from phone to RUT955. Anyhow, the positive result now is:

ping to works and http 80 works

ping to a device on connected to Wifi AP works and http port 80 works

ping to (this is the adress the wifi client gets from display dhcp) works and is the same route as (this is logic)

ping to display on (wifi client) works. There is no webserver, so http 80 wont work

but unfortunately none of the apps on my phone will communicate with the devices.

Phone: A multimedia device on (on wifi AP) can be pinged from phone and its web server can be accessed on my phone via standard browser.

 => Phone connected via VPN to RUT955 from outside... No other way possible due non public IP from Mobile provider.

But the devices app says "no communication"



Cant apps communicate via VPN ?