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by anonymous
I have a RUT955 as main network in building 1. It has WAN (starlink) and GSM SIMs(2). Subnet is

I have building 2 with RUT240 with subnet This RUT is connected to the RUT955 Wireless as its only source for WAN. RUT240 has IP

RUT955 ( -------- WIFI ------- RUT240 ( ----------clients (10.0.2.x)


---------------------clients (10.0.0.x)

I cannot reach the subnet of RUT240 from the RUT955 network (any of the 10.0.2.x IPs)

I tried static route Gateway

but this doesn't work.

Any ideas? Thanks!

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Is the IP of RUT240 a LAN IP or IP of wireless client interface provided by RUT955 DHCP? Is the LAN IP of rut240 also within the subnet of 10.0.2.x?

I have replicated a similar scenario with the following setup and configuration:

RUT955 ( -------- WIFI ------- RUT240 ( ----------client device (DHCP lease from RUT240 10.0.2.x)

RUT955 LAN settings:

Static route in RUT955 ( is the IP provided to RUT240 wireless interface):

RUT240 LAN Settings:

RUT240 Wireless client interface :

Modify RUT240 firewall zone forwarding for LAN zone by adding: 

Pings in RUT240 are enabled by default, thus the device should reply by now, however, in order to access the device itself, remote HTTP(S) or SSH needs to be enabled too in RUT240.This can be done in System -> Administration -> Access control:

With this setup, I was able to access device connected to RUT240 from device connected to RUT950.

Best regards,

Best answer
by anonymous
Thankyou! This really helped. You guessed right - the RUT240 has IP from RUT955 of The RUT240 own LAN IP is

The missing piece I needed was the interzone forwarding, and also the static route setting on the 955 should have metric 0.

I also noticed all my LAN interface settings for IP4 gateway and broadcast were empty for both routers so I entered values in there also.

I still cannot reach the RUT250 WebUI from 955 LAN at, even with Access Control enabled for remote. But I can reach it with ok.

Thanks again!