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by anonymous
Hello @teltonika support!

I signed up for this post because I couldn't find any support contact…

I’m sure this question has been asked several times before.

however, since there has never been a satisfactory answer to this, I would like to emphasize the urgency again.

In a mobile application, it is almost standard that the “terms of use” or something else must first be confirmed on a upstream page (captive portal).

To be honest, I assumed that the teltonika products would of course support this.

I'm also sure that it should be possible to add this function because almost every cheap mobile router can do this.

So please do the many people out there a favor and put this on the to do list. Many Thanks!!

Best wishes,

by anonymous
Hello Teltonika,

I think many users of this case need this and it will be very helpful.

I read in many forums the same, campers, boaters and so on want to have this function.

Excuse my english.


Greatings from Berlin, Germany

6 Answers

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by anonymous

If I am not mistaken you have to add one of the Hotspot packages under Package Manager. Hope this helps.
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by anonymous


As suggested by , captive portal for a wireless network is configurable through the Hotspot package. During the configuration, there is also a possibility to include requirement to agree to Terms of Service, before providing internet access. 

For more details about the package and its features please refer to this page:  

Best regards,

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by anonymous


Sorry, but that´s not the point.

What I'm talking about, as many others, is to connect the router to an existing (public) hotspot and use this connection as WWAN.

So in that existing wifi there is a captive portal, login screen, etc.

On any other device (or cheap mobile router) you are redirected to this screen (e.g.

With our Teltonika devices, it is not possible to use this and you can't connect the network.

Hope this helps....

by anonymous

Since we're using the RUTX50 in our van, we have the same problem on camping sites. The captive portals of the WiFi providers are not handled at all by RUTOS. This is a big disadvantage.

I also guess that many camper prefer taking a router that support captive portals.

Best regards,

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by anonymous

Hi there, 

for me the solution was written in this thread: Connecting to Public Hotspots with Captive Portal - Crowd Support Forum | Teltonika Networks (

It only worked with my Iphone Safari browser, not with my notebooks Edge browser! 

But to be honest: Teltonika should make a workaround for hotspotusers to make this easier. 


SurfingCamper from Hanover

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by anonymous
I agree with the other authors… @teltonika - this is a must have feature for alle camping fans. My 30 dollar device from tp link can captive portals… please add this feature
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by anonymous

I think, this is a very sad sign for such a future oriented firm as Teltonika, that they ignore 100s of wishes since years for a captive portal solution!

Why don't you integrate the possibility to use a simple web browser after connecting to a wlan with a captive portal?


by anonymous

Captive portal redirection functionality is coming out with R_00.07.04.4 firmware release.

Best regards,