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by anonymous

I bought a RUT240 to use as WAN-failover. But the RUT240 in a WAN-4G failover mode has slow and unpredictable throughput. The cable WAN has 250/100 down/up speeds (confirmed) whereas what comes out is between 60 and 70 up and down. Have I missed something in the set-up ? I have my Ubiquiti network connected to the LAN. When I connect the Fiber-converter direct to the UDM-Pro I get a green led (Gigabit) but when I connect the Teltonika I get a yellow led (100Mbit). Cables are all okay. I've got the latest firmware. I measure the speed with my Ubiquiti UDM-Pro and also with ""

Best regards and hoping for a solution

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by anonymous

Thank you for contacting Teltonika Networks crowd support community.

Please note that RUT240 WAN  and LAN interfaces  do support 10/100Mbps. If you have a 250/100 down/up speeds it will be a challenge for RUT240 to give you those speeds.

In this case I can recommend RUTX*** which supports up to 1gbps on its interfaces.

Kind regards,

by anonymous
Hello Shadrack,

thank you so much for your replay. That information was not available in the shop where I bought it. I will rapidly change it to another product.

Kind regards,

by anonymous


Even though RUT240 is limited to 10/100 Mbps speeds as my colleague correctly stated, I would like to offer to try one more option that might improve data rates, but it comes without saying that they will not be higher than RUT240 can support.

You can try enabling Software flow offloading. This feature applies a different logic when packets are traversing through a firewall. If the flow of the packets is known, then NAT is applied, and if the flow is unknown, the packets are forwarded to the networking stack. Basically, the traffic bypasses some of the advanced firewall features and could result in increased performance.

To configure software flow offloading:

Connect to RUT240 WebUI, navigate to Network -> Firewall -> General Settings -> Routing/ NAT offloading -> Turn on.  

Run a few speed tests and check whether the connectivity speed has improved.

Kind Regards,