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by anonymous
Reboot via ssh does not work. Just gives this message.

root@Teltonika-RUT300:/etc# reboot
modem GPIO with label modem is not available

Reboot via web locks device in a useless state where it recieves ping, however is no longer reachable via ssh or web.

Requires a power reest to continue operaion.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Cold you provide more details, on how the issue occurred? Did you make any configuration changes, ere there any power outages, etc?

Could you try reflashing router's firmware via bootloader menu, following instructions provided here?

Otherwise, please provide a troubleshoot file from the router. 

Best regards,

by anonymous

Thanks for the Answer.

After factory reset, the "modem GPIO with label modem is not available" is still there, however the device reboots. So this was actually not the issue. Also nothing in the system log, just

Tue Nov 15 13:10:20 2022 Request from SSH / Web UI,

Tue Nov 15 12:53:03 2022 procd: - shutdown -

Then business as usual (no shutdown). Also nothing in dmesg.

I also had some issued because I used up most of the flash (partly my fault, partly the behaviour of the default backup).

*Finally*, the issue has to do with my script running out of /etc/rc.local

3400 root      1604 S    /bin/sh /etc/config/autoatten/

The script is only using snmpget and curl. If I kill 3400, the device reboots.
Is there a simple way to run this script from /etc/rc.local AND still have a working reboot funtion?
by anonymous


sorry for the delayed response.

It does indeed seem like continuously running user scripts prevent the device from rebooting.

To avoid this, I'd recommend transferring your script to a regular script file and adding it to the crontab service.

Instructions on how to achieve this can be found here.

Best regards,