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by anonymous
I have remotely deployed RUTX14 devices. The WEBUI on these devices is (frustratingly) broken. I am wanting to configure auto-reboot on ping. How can I do this via SSH?


3 Answers

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by anonymous
Just suggestions... thought I'd write something, not sure if it helps though..
Check with another browser. Try http vs https.
If the device is unstable, try using different firmware.. that did help me, but i'm using RUT950 :)
If this device is connected to an operator, how about making a script that checks connections and reboots if problems? (i know this does not answer the question, but its an alternative, maybe...
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by anonymous
If you have access to a stable device, then you can create a ping-reboot configuration on there.
Then try copying the /etc/config/ping_reboot file to the other devices via SSH (or WinSCP or other preferred access).
A reboot may be required for the new configuration to be taken on.

Let us know how you go.
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by anonymous



I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues!

Could you please describe the issues you're experiencing with WebUI?


As for ping reboot, it is indeed possible to configure it via SSH. The solution offered by aclemence is also valid.

The easiest way to configure these rules would be using UCI. All of the options that can be configured can be seen by entering this command:

uci show ping_reboot

The default values look like this:

Then to edit these rules, UCI set can be used:

uci set ping_reboot.@ping_reboot[0].enable='1' (this will enable the ping reboot)

When all of the desired fields are configured, uci commit command can be used, which will push all of the updated values to config files.


Let me know if there are any further questions!

Best regards,

by anonymous

Thanks for your response!

The WebUI just won't load. I've tried incognito mode and resetting the UI over ssh.

Thanks for the information regarding the UCI command. Does any documentation exist on what each of the parameters means?

I am wanting to reset the modem if ping to fails a certain number of times.

by anonymous


We do have documentation for UCI in this article. It will detail most of the commands. As for the configurations, most of their names will be quite self-explanatory, but in case it does not make sense, config names can be googled, and they will usually be found in the OpenWRT package repository with their functionality.

For example, using the command uci show, we can see these options:




Since it's not clear what xl2tpd is, we can look it up on the OpenWRT repository and find out that it's the package responsible for L2TP tunneling protocol implementation.

As for the device, if it's not reachable, I'd recommend a factory reset. Via shell it can be done using these commands:



Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,