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by anonymous
I am using the latest firmware version 7.03.

Errors noted
1.) The router is calculating data incorrectly. (Mobile data limit)
a) I have downloaded 30GB on the sim card from the operator side
b) the router shows me that I used 80GB !!!
(I understand that there will be a slight crossover in the data, but not that much)
2) The router shows the consumption of e.g. 900MB of data at 4 am, but my Acpoint does not record any data that came in and out at that time in such amounts.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


1)What was the uplink data amount?

What is the sum of downlink/uplink data?

Could you provide some screenshots with actual data consumption and data calculated by the router?

Attach the screenshots by editing your question.

2)Depending on the time zone your router has configured in its NTP settings, displayed hours in Status -> Mobile usage -> Day may be incorrect as it shows hours in UTC time, independent of the configured time zone. It is a known issue and should be resolved in future firmware releases.

Best regards,

by anonymous

Below is the result from the previous day of the TRB245 router

Let's say that the data is similar but before that I had 30.1 GB of data downloaded on the card and at the time of the measurement it was

In this case, there is already a difference of over 1GB and sometimes it is much more. (which is not a big problem but after 30 days it will be a lot of data)
The router has already switched to my second card because the data limit is over, so something is wrong, sometimes it counts almost correctly and sometimes I don't know what it depends on, it counts too much

Yes, I checked actually. Despite the time zone, it still shows incorrect data consumption in a period of time (I'll wait until Summer will change the time and then it should be fine ;) )

by anonymous

Welcome to another day
As you can see below, the router has logged over 100GB of data

On the SIM card, looking at the operator's website, we have a much different result

Please correct as soon as possible

by anonymous
Thank you for bringing this up.

I have forwarded this issue to the development team to investigate further.

One more question, does your operator's website images show data consumption of the same day period and does it show the sum of uplink/downlink traffic or downlink only?

Best regards,
by anonymous

The operator shows the monthly consumption, i.e. I have 120GB of high-speed internet, what I showed you was the consumption from the moment of "monthly reset" to the day of logging into the account
and so the result:
1) 30.1 GB shows the result from "reset to Monday"
2) 37GB shows the same result but as you know what was the result from the previous day, it is easy to calculate the difference, which is 7GB
3) 47 GB shows the same principle, only that the router recorded over 100 GB of data and the card around 10 GB, so there is a big difference

i.e. what you got is the results of consumption on the previous day, the next day is the difference.

I noticed the rule that the difference is usually about 10x more than reality and there is always a problem after two days.
Then SIM 1 shows that it has used up data and switches to SIM 2
(on the SIM2 card I do not have a data limit set here)

Answering the question:

  uplink/downlink traffic - because there is still talk about data transfer, so I assume that it shows this way
by anonymous

Just to understand completely. 

  1. Real time measurements on the particular day have a deviation, which, in your case, resulted in 1Gb difference between device and operator numbers. Please confirm.
  2. Next, approximately two days later, data consumed changed to about 10x from the measured on that day, which sped SIM switch due to data limit. Is that correct?
by anonymous
1) Real time measurements on the particular day have a deviation, which, in your case, resulted in 1Gb difference between device and operator numbers. Please confirm.

YES, if the data was reset on the device, the next day at the same time the turnout was within 1-2 GB and it is growing

2) Next, approximately two days later, data consumed changed to about 10x from the measured on that day, which sped SIM switch due to data limit. Is that correct?

by anonymous
Thank you.

I will forward your issue to the development team.
by anonymous


Another observation:
1) 28-12 - there was a data calculation reset
2) 30-12 (Friday) I looked at data usage on Thursday and the router was showing around 25GB (which was true)
3) 31-12 in the morning I looked at the same data and the consumption was above 145 GB so the router, as the day changed, increased the amount of data (as if there was an error in data transfer)

On Friday, it ended up with 2.7GB (that's also true)

by anonymous

The observation shows that:
1) data counting is done correctly
2) after two days, the number of counted data increases

The pictures show that the card is not used by the router because there is a data limit on the card and the data was growing in a way ;]

by anonymous


The observation shows that the problem is with the transfer of data to the next day.
After two days, data consumption increases (software glitch) and this glitch affects everything.
below is a list of screans from the current zucyia
(SIM card does not work - due to data lock (over 140GB))

So I guess we have a moment where a data calculation error arises

by anonymous
Thank you for the details.

Could you attach the screenshots by editing your question or sending a private message for a better resolution?
by anonymous
And what about it, because I see that there are more topics on this topic?
by anonymous
No update at the moment, but the issue is being worked on.
by anonymous
What about it ?
by anonymous
This should be solved with 7.4 firmware release, which is planned for the second half of February. However, this is not certain yet and, depending on how long firmware testing will take, release timeline might shift.

Best regards,