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by anonymous

I am attempting to build the latest firmware using the SDK for the RUT955 router. I am using the following the wiki instructions but running into issues with the build:

I am using the ubuntu 18.04.6:

SDK version: RUT9_R_00.07.03

Both gnutls & classpath fail with error.

Also is there a location to download the previous sdk? R_00.07.02.07

I would like to see if this builds without error.

by anonymous
I am building custom firmware for a large fleet of RUT955, based on official openwrt 22.03.2.  Which is _completely_ open source, contains newer kernel and newer packages. Build environments on ubuntu 20. /22.

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by anonymous

Ubuntu 18.04 is somewhat old, use 20.04 instead as recommended in the README. Fedora 37 will do also.

by anonymous
The 07.03.1 version compiles without a glitch just discard the which alias.
by anonymous

I tried the steps outlined on version 7_3_1. the snmptrap issue is gone but now there are other issues:

by anonymous
Two packages at least are missing on the system. Do:

sudo dnf install curl libffi-devel

and restart several errors should disappear.
by anonymous
by anonymous

I have found this error in the log:

[mktplinkfw] *** error: images are too big by 2663250 bytes

Everthing before looks correct so there may be remnants of previous failed builds in the tree.

Try a make clean, and rebuild.